Consignment Sales

When the firearm is received, it will be inspected, photographed, a description written, and it may include an estimated value.  When it is received we will get the item listed shortly after it gets to us.   We take pride in providing our buyers with the all of the information that they will need in order to make an informed decision on a purchase.  We will always be straight forward and give most honest description of each item we sell.

Note: We do not assume the responsibility to clean your firearms more than just a quick wipe down for photos.  As you know, the better the condition of the firearm as it is photographed, the higher the price we can realize for the item. 

At the completion of the sale of your item, we will send you a check for sale price less our 15% commission, within 14 days of the end of that auction.   If you have more than one item listed with us for sale, we can either mail a check for each of the items as they sell, or mail less frequently by waiting for multiple sales to take place before sending payment at the seller’s request.  

If a seller changes his or her mind and decides not to sell his or her item has already listed, the seller will have to pay 10% of the original asking price that was placed on the item to get the item returned.  If the item needs shipped back to the seller, the cost of shipping will be the seller’s responsibility.  All firearms will have to be ship to an active FFL and any transfer fees incurred by the dealer receiving the item will also be the responsibility of the seller. 



Estate and Private Sales

Wild Wild Westlake is looking for estates and private collectors who desire to sell their collection out right without going through the commission process.  We purchase entire estates no matter the size and offer the highest prices in the industry because we specialize in used guns and want to keep a steady flow if inventory coming in for our buyers.  For information email Mike Fransko at mike@wwwcfc.com or call at 440-804-4450.  Wild Wild Westlake uses the “Blue Book of Gun Values” to determine the market value.